(Note that the error message above isn't much friendlier than the "cannot convert text to number" Notes error message - the error message used in the application I was building told the user the field label).

The next part of the statement checks for a valid number.

The first comment on this answer about the "Complicator's Gloves" is a good read... The question should probably be specified in a bit more detail to explain the purpose of validating the numbers.

parse Int() basically does what you need, except that it returns Na N rather than some integer value.

With a simple if() you can set the "fallback" value that you prefer in all the cases Na N is returned :-).

But simply checking for a number isn't sufficient because a blank value is not a number.

So here's the input validation formula we came up with: statement will trap and give the appropriate error message.

We will continue to closely monitor the system’s stability and make necessary adjustments to maintain service continuity.

I wanted to validate a number field, but the number field could be blank.

Also W3 states here that the global version of Na N will type cast before checking which gives some extra proofing (Na N() does not do that).

Any values sent to a server/backend should still be validated there!

On the contrary, the 555 prefix is reserved for fake-out phone numbers. :\(\s*([2-9]1[02-9]|[2-9][02-8]1|[2-9][02-8][02-9])\s*\)|([2-9]1[02-9]|[2-9][02-8]1|[2-9][02-8][02-9]))\s*(? -Adam My gut feeling is reinforced by the amount of replies to this topic - that there is a virtually infinite number of solutions to this problem, none of which are going to be elegant.

Those numbers are guaranteed not to connect to an actual phone number so they're often used in television and movies to ensure that a viewer doesn't try to call the number and end up harassing some poor [email protected] While that was true decades ago, it is no longer true. Honestly, I would recommend you don't try to validate phone numbers.

It takes a little different validation formula to handle this kind of a situation. The problem with validating a number field is that Notes will give you the "cannot convert text to number" error, which might be all right.