A." -- realized it had a bankable movie with grunge superstars in it. Warner Brothers hated the title "Singles" and offered several suggestions, including "In the Midnight Hour," "Love in Seattle," and -- if you'll recall the film's ever-present answering machines -- "Leave Me a Message." To capitalize on Nirvana's enormous popularity, they also suggested "Come As You Are," even though the band (and its music) appears nowhere in the film.16. Crowe didn't make any money off the hit soundtrack.

Crowe recalled, ''65-year-old studio guys,'' were shouting, ''We've got a film in Seattle! "The only way the studio would release the movie was if we had a promotional party where Pearl Jam and Screaming Trees and Alice in Chains play," Crowe told Contact Music. "I didn't want to take any money that belonged to those musicians...

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The Java Stop coffee house where Fonda's character works was actually the live-music venue the OK Hotel, where bands including Nirvana and Mudhoney headlined.

If you're trekking to Seattle to sit in a window booth as Matt Dillon and Eddie Vedder did, you're out of luck: The hotel closed in 2001 after being damaged in an earthquake.

Appelo, who hung with the cast and director for his 1992 EW profile, relates, "Dillon's apartment was precisely modeled on Jeff Ament's. The cast met for the first time at a Mookie Blaylock (as Pearl Jam were originally known) and Alice in Chains show.

Crowe recalled Dillon's odd conversational opener: "I hope this isn't a yuppie movie," no doubt a reference to the very upwardly mobile and clean-cut main couple, played by Scott and Kyra Sedgwick.

''I'm kind of the star of my movies.' So I told him it's a role Jack Nicholson might have done, like in 'Terms of Endearment.' He said, 'Ehhhh I dunno.''' Dillon wasn't convinced until he met -- and got drunk with -- the future Pearl Jam. Crowe got a note from an exec saying, "Matt Dillon looks like Charles Manson! The director wrote in his film diary, "I meet Campbell out in the hallway and tell him we're going to go with his real hair, shortness be damned...

In the three days we've taken to find his wig, Campbell's hair has grown just enough to work."11.

Crowe recalls that Depp told him, "I'll get there one day, but I can't say 'I love you' yet on screen." Depp, who was fresh off "21 Jump Street," went on to shoot "Benny and Joon" and "What's Eating Gilbert Grape" instead.7.

Dillon had to be talked into signing on to an ensemble film. If anything, the guy plays himself, so he seemed super-uneasy with it."10.

Cameron wrote the part of Janet specifically for Bridget Fonda.20.