Maybe a little nervous, but I would say more anxious. De Garmo: We have four humidifiers in our hotel room right now, especially here in the desert.

Your body takes quite a beating on tour let alone traveling, especially eight hours at a time.

TV Guide Magazine: Or, in true soap fashion, will he fall in love with her after all?

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TV Guide Magazine: Angelina is desperate to be a famous singer, despite her brain-splitting voice. De Garmo: Yes, and it will tug at your heartstrings, for sure!

It marks a big turn for her in the storyline, where she's finally starting to grow up.

Young was on the fifth season of "American Idol" while De Garmo sang her heart out on season three, but Broadway finally brought them together. Garner has since married actor Ben Affleck and has two daughters -- Violet and Seraphina -- and another on the way.

They met as co-stars in the revival of the Broadway musical Garner played Sydney Bristow, a spy for the CIA on "Alias." Meanwhile, her real-life beau Michael Vartan played her on-screen beau Michael Vaughn, another double agent for the CIA.

Congratulations on opening night at the Smith Center last night. The acoustics are amazing, and this is a stage that was built for sound. De Garmo: Not nervous so much as anxious and excited.

We love it — it’s perfect, and we never want to leave. We’re really proud of what we do, and we’re happy for an audience to see it. What do you do to keep your voice and vocal chords strong?

on Broadway a couple of years ago, playing boyfriend and girlfriend. We wanted to see if our relationship could stand that test, and it did.

We became best friends, which blossomed into a lot more, which is natural for a man and a woman when... TV Guide Magazine: How'd you keep this thing hush-hush for so long? De Garmo: We weren't deliberately keeping a secret. We're just not the types to go, "Hey, guess who I'm dating!

The pair, who've been secretly dating for nearly two years, have finally opened up, dishing to PEOPLE about their under the radar romance.