That's all the watching and listening and learning and the quiet moments – the reading, examining and getting away from everything.

You have to be able to have multiple perspectives of different aspects of human nature.

But it's clear she identifies with artists like Penn who have pointedly danced to their own career tune.

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From an early age, Malone was reading her own scripts, making her own decisions not based on box-office projections. "I didn't really understand why I had more of a connection to Bastard Out of Carolina than, say, The Parent Trap.

I realised it was because I'm not really good at playing a normal person." Based on Dorothy Allison's searing novel about child abuse in the South in the Fifties, The Bastard Out of Carolina was directed by Anjelica Huston and subsequently rejected by TNT, the cable channel then owned by Ted Turner, which had commissioned the piece.

"This was probably the most physically intensive thing I've ever worked on.

Very labour intensive, maintaining heightened, unsustainable states of hyperventilation and heat exhaustion.

Like Foster, she's a questioning, eloquent creature, who's not quite sure what she wants from Hollywood but is definite about what she won't do for it.

Also, like Foster, she is precociously, prodigiously talented.

Malone has already been candid about that upbringing. We moved around a bunch, generally in the Reno and Lake Tahoe area. You skip out on rent one month, find a cheaper place the next week.

You constantly find new ground, new places." Acting, though, was in her blood.

The actress included a poem in the caption that she says she wrote several years ago about her own mother, and "the woman I was reaching to become" as a mother herself.

Womb to womb To beating wing I climbed out of the eternal And into the shape of me Some words I wrote years ago when I was thinking about my own mother.

Turner deemed it too disturbing to air on his network so it played on a different one, Showtime, winning as much acclaim as the best TV movies do. As the title character, she is repeatedly abused in every conceivable manner.