It is easy to see why Elizabeth was first choice to play Helena, the fictitious Queen of England: she is probably more regal than many real-life royals.

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They divorced four years later She remains close to Arun Nayar, with whom she had a-nine year relationship. I mean, in his field he was more successful than me because he was an absolute superstar.

Their wedding in 2007 was a bi-continental extravaganza with parties in London and Rajasthan. But I have never had a day off sick in my entire life, and it’s the same with him.

Saying yes is so liberating; it’s my favorite word.” Hurley is busy with filming right now, but she did take an eight-year break from her acting career.

She did that because of her son, 13-year-old Damien.

I stopped doing movies and TV for the first eight years of his life and I don’t regret it for a moment. He’s almost my height now, which is slightly alarming.

I am more like an Italian mother than an English one.

’ – Elizabeth appears in several saucy scenes in no more than a silk negligee.

There aren’t that many women of any age who could pull it off.

She took that eight-year-long break at the start of his life, and it is not a decision she regrets.

“Without doubt my son is my north, my south, my east and my west.

He revealed that the women he has met via the app have thought he was an impersonator, but he realizes he might not find a lasting love via the app.