She wanted a Great Dane as they make great family pets, so we tracked down a litter of 13, born 1,000 miles away in Oregon.Their owner emailed us a photo showing a chaotic jumble of paws, snouts and tails.

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Whenever he could, he placed it between his paws and pressed it so he could hear the tune.

Slowly, George understood that Annabel was our pack’s youngest member and in need of his affection and protection.

He had not forgotten the time he went there in possession of his manhood — and came out less than whole.

His personality grew more delightful the bigger he got.

We had a huge sitting room, dining area and even a bar — but there was just one problem. As we enjoyed a gourmet meal and a bottle of red wine that night, he struggled to settle on two roll-out divans provided for him. So he had his head on one and back end on the other, but his stomach was sagging onto the carpet.‘Well,’ whispered Christie, ‘George is the star here, after all.’ She was right, of course, and since his appearance on TV, Giant George has built a following around the world, with his own fan club, website and 70,000 fans on Facebook.

The idea to write the song Like A Virgin came from a review of A Chorus Line by Frank Rich of the New York Times Oct '83 titled "A Chorus of Love".

In the coming months, Christie really threw herself into being a mum to George.

As well as a photo album, he had a growth chart — we were soon reading it in awe.

Besides his terror of being left alone, he had a fear of water.