with a clear label reading something like “Legion Alpha”).

Instead, if you log on to and see two Wo W PTRs listed and one of them numbered something other than Wo W1 (we’ve had reports of Wo W4, Wo W5, and Wo W6), that may be an indication you have alpha access — but check the launcher to be sure.

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It’s just the nature of having an understaffed mac team :\ Things can’t be ready at the same time.

Due to some technical difficulties on our end, there aren’t Mac Binaries for the current Legion test build.

For an overview of what’s available in the current phase of testing, head over to our alpha forums.

Feel free to stream, record video, and post screenshots.

Update 2: For Mac users, however, I’ve got bad news: the Mac alpha client isn’t currently working.

Though you can download and install the client, it won’t work.beta considering Blizzard said the beta would start within weeks of Blizz Con, the client up on the launcher is clearly labeled as an alpha.While I would tend to argue that this is more of a semantical difference than anything, alpha testing always precedes beta testing and indicates an earlier version in the development process.Maybe many peeps already knew this but for those who didnt know, i hope it works! /Debbie Hi there, Glad to hear you've found a fix for the issue you were experiencing!But just to note that the steps you've mentioned here are also on our support site, here:battle.net/support/article/battlenet-update-agent-troubleshooting Also please note that running as an administrator won't do anything, if the Launcher has admin rights already, they will be applied to anything run through that Launcher, like the game.I'm very sorry if you've been told that, it's not true and won't help at all.